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Form Lists
a comprehensive list of Forms for the Yang, Sun, Lee, Wu, Peking & other styles

Chen Forms: | Chen Old Form | Chen Cannon Fist Form | Chen Competition Form |
| Chen's First Lu | Chen's Second Lu | Chen Simplified Form |

Chen's Second Lu

Mark's note: I know very little about this list, even to the point of whether it is actually 'chen' style or something altogether different, so please feel free to enlighten me if you have any information.

The entire content has been lifted from James Marshall's webpages, who in turn has copied his lists from other sources. These sources are quoted in italics first, and then his notes are included as they may be of interest.

Copied from The Dao of Taijiquan, Way to Rejuvenation by Jou, Tsung Hwa, published by Tai Chi Foundation.

This form has more complicated movements, more firmness, and less softness. Elbow, split, pull down, and shoulder strike (the four corners) are emphasized, ward off, roll back, press, and push (the four directions) are secondary; this is the opposite of the first lu. Fast action is important and in this form the hands lead the body. For an attack to have real fajing the whole body must act as a single unit and the energy must be internal; external, physical force should not be used.

1.Beginning of Paochui
2.King Kong Nailed Fist
3.Grasp Sparrow's Tail
4.60% Open and 40% Closed
5.Single Whip
6.Deflect Downward, Intercept and Punch
7.Guard the Heart Punch
8.Side Walk and Twist Step
9.Sink Waist with Elbow and Fist Down
10.Punch Down the Well
11.Plum Flowers Swept by Wind
12.King Kong Nailed Fist
13.Hidden Body Punch
14.Drape Over Body and Punch
15.Cut Hand
16.Sleeves Dance Like Turning Flowers
17.Hidden Hand Punch
18.Flying Step and Elbow
19.Cloud Hands
20.High Pat on Horse
21.Cloud Hands
22.High Pat on Horse
23.Machine Cannon 1
24.Machine Cannon 2
25.Machine Cannon 3
26.Ride Unicorn in Reverse
27.White Snake Sticks Out Tongue 1
28.White Snake Sticks Out Tongue 2
29.White Snake Sticks Out Tongue 3
30.Turn Flower Under Sea Bottom
31.Hidden Hand Punch
32.Turn Body and Six Coincides
33.Left Firecracker 1
34.Left Firecracker 2
35.Right Firecracker 1
36.Right Firecracker 2
37.Animal Head Posture
38.Cut Frame
39.Sleeves Dance Like Turning Flowers
40.Hidden Hand Posture
41.Subdued Tiger
42.Color Eyebrow Red
43.Yellow Dragon Plays Water (Right)
44.Yellow Dragon Plays Water (Left)
45.Turn Body and Kick Left
46.Turn Body and Kick Right
47.Turn Flower Under Sea Bottom
48.Hidden Hand Punch
49.Sweep Ground with Leg
50.Hidden Hand Punch
51.Left Rush
52.Right Rush
53.Insert on Opposite Direction
54.Turn Flower Under Sea Bottom
55.Hidden Hand Punch
56.Seize Upper Arm 1
57.Seize Upper Arm 2
58.Machine Cannon
59.Fair Lady Works at Shuttles
60.Turn Head and Cannon Forward
61.Fair Lady Works at Shuttles
62.Turn Head and Cannon Forward
63.Chop Opponent with Fist
64.Twist Elbow
65.Submissive Elbow
66.Elbow Through Heart
67.Embraced Cannon
68.Punch Down the Well
69.Plum Flowers Swept by Wind
70.King Kong Nailed Fist
71.Conclusion of Paochui

list from: http://www.astro.umd.edu/~marshall/taichi.html

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