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Find a Teacher Near You!

We get many emails from people asking us if we know of a tai chi teacher in their area, and the truth is that we don't. There is no real complete network of tai chi practitioners and teachers, or even of the various 'bodies' and organisations. We cannot provide you with individual advice on teachers other than point you to these pages.

What we do here is to provide links to classes, club sites and instructors who have submitted themselves to our listings- not just in the UK, but globally. Submissions to our listings is free, so if you wish to submit your class/club/self, then click on the link at the bottom of the page.


>UK (inc. Eire & Channel Is.)
> Europe (inc. Balkans)
> Asia
> Australia
> United States
> South America
> Canada
> Middle East

not find what you are looking for? try also the Tai Chi Network

Disclaimer: taichido.com is not affilliated with any organisations listed, and accepts no responsibility as to their content, information or quality of service. The listings are not vetted by us or have any contact with us.


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