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Characteristics of Tai Chi
origins, meanings, lineage, analyses and exploration

Tai Chi Meanderings

Ray would Say: "Shallow people will only find shallow water" and "Always be prepared to put more into your practice than you will ever take out". The Ray that I refer to is Raymond Wood, my former Tai Chi teacher.

When we set up the taichido web-site we drew considerably upon text provided by Ray. He had written a 200+ A4 page book called simply "Tai Chi Chuan". This document had hitherto been published only as home DTP and mainly given away to friends. The majority of the first pieces published at taichido.com were taken from that DTP book.

Most of Ray's articles @taichido.com have been superseded with re-writes on the same or similar themes - by Mark or me - and now there are only faint traces of Ray @taichido.com. In most instances all that remains of the originals is the title or theme.

So we stand now alone, independent and self-sufficient; yet we are still inspired by Ray to develop taichido.com as a free online resource and we try to be - a virtual teacher - or a teacher between teachers.

Ray would also say that every subject under the sun has the potential to be a possible start point in a new journey of personal discovery. Unfortunately, one never knows what is worthy of further study until one has studied it! It would be nice to know where to start, wouldn't it? A Great Teacher; that's what we all need isn't it? One each, that would be nice! But then, even better one each … forever. Taichido.com tries to fill that gap between our everyday reality (the do-able) and our outrageous expectations.

The pieces I present here as "Meandering" are re-writes (in the same comprehensive manner as pieces from Ray's DTP book) of very short pieces written by Ray; roughly typed and photocopied 2 per A4 page on recycled scrap. They were then left (way back in the early 90's) stacked near the door of the training room in a take it or leave it fashion. It is only now, more than a decade later that I begin to appreciate the depth and helpfulness of Rays unspoken and 'not worth publishing' words. And so now, just as I did in the new articles on the web-site, I simply say it all again in my own way and leave them here in our virtual dojo those in the same boat as me. For anyone who, like me, is currently unable to benefit from the personal instruction and guidance of a great teacher and for those who, just like me, need to rely upon self-discipline to be the great teacher for longer than we might otherwise prefer.


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"The nature and meaning of the Tao received its first full exposition in the Tao Te Ching of Laozi, a work which along with those of Confucius and Mencius would have a far-reaching effect on the intellectual, moral and religious life of the Chinese people. Although a book of practical wisdom in many ways, its profoundly metaphysical character was unique among the prevailing forms of thought in China at that time." thebigview.com
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